LGT Wealth India

Portfolio Management

Your portfolio is as individual as you

Our approach is simple: We offer informed, objective advice based on your aspirations and calibrated against the level of risk you are comfortable with. We create a bespoke portfolio to meet your requirements. We recognise that everyone has their own preference as to how they wish their money to be managed, so we allow you to choose precisely how involved you are with the daily management of your assets.

Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

  • Our investment process defines the structure of these portfolios, but the day-to-day management is given to your personal investment manager.
  • This is the choice for clients who wish to delegate all investment decisions to someone else.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Services

  • Based on our discussion with you, we will outline the mandate of the investment management in a single or multi asset class model
  • Portfolio design and recommendations to be shared post reviews conducted periodically as well basis market wide opportunities
  • This is the choice for clients who wish to participate in all the investment decisions. Execution of trades would be with your consent.

PMS Advisory 

  • Maybe you prefer to be more involved with both the investment strategy and the daily decisions.
  • Your investment manager will understand your objectives and sensitivity to risk and will match investment ideas accordingly.
  • No transaction will be executed without your prior agreement.