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We are majority owned by LGT Group, a leading international private banking and asset management group. Fully controlled by the Liechtenstein Princely Family, LGT Group places a strong focus on creating value today and for future generations.

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Forward-looking for generations

Our core values

At LGT Wealth India, we understand that investment decisions are shaped by a blend of facts, hopes, fears, and dreams. Recognizing the social and human dimensions of wealth, our approach goes beyond rationality to explore the emotional nuances of your financial journey. Together, we share a desire to understand your wealth planning needs deeply. Our commitment transcends transactions, aiming to empower you to bring your unique aspirations to life. Welcome to a relationship where turning your dreams into reality is our shared objective.

Relentless relevance

Our pursuit – ensuring that all that we do for our customers and our internal teams is relevant, giving them a differentiated experience. We don’t entertain paperwork, phone calls, visits, or product proposals without them being relevant to you.


Our mode of working – building strong and deep relationships with you. We are not a provider, we don’t lie, and we listen to you and deliver solutions that address your needs.


Our benchmark – enabling consistent, well-rounded experience across multiple touchpoints, serving you across the entirety of your financial life.


Our way of life – no hidden agendas and we mean what we say. We are transparent in our fees, documentation, compensation structure, ESOPs and aligned to your needs.

Entrepreneurial mindset

Our frame of mind – treating LGT Wealth India as his or her own business, working towards a common goal- being accountable and taking responsibility for all actions.

LGT Wealth India key figures

  • 200+


  • 16

    Office locations in India

  • 2.0 bn

    Client assets under management in USD

  • 2 700+

    Active relationships

LGT Group’s key figures (as of 31st December 2023)

Our long-term perspective and risk-conscious approach are major selling points for new clients, especially - but not only - in times of economic and geopolitical turbulence. As an international private bank, we appeal to clients who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to take care of their financial affairs. Our tradition of innovation and access to exclusive investment opportunities also make our service offering interesting to entrepreneurs and active investors.

  • 316.0 bn

    Client assets under management in CHF

  • 375.3 mn

    Net profit in CHF

  • 25+

    Locations worldwide

  • 5 600+

    Employees worldwide

Vaduz Castle in Liechtenstein

LGT Group publications

Our LGT Group brochure gives you a clear look at our services and values. For a detailed analysis of our performance, explore our Annual Report, where numbers tell the story of our commitment to sustainable growth and client success.

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