Wealth planning Your customized roadmap for lasting wealth

At LGT Wealth India, we believe in the essence of wealth planning – passing down the legacy created over time to the next generation in alignment with individual wishes. Our focus is on crafting personalized solutions that extend beyond financial security to encompass the preservation of your unique legacy.

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Wealth planning

Tailored strategies for lasting wealth

Embark on a transformative wealth planning journey with LGT Wealth India, where every detail is meticulously crafted to secure your tomorrow and shape a lasting legacy.

Key aspects of our wealth planning services

Legacy preservation

Our focus lies in preserving your legacy and passing down wealth according to your wishes. Through meticulous wealth planning, we create customized roadmaps that include wills and trusts, ensuring financial security, averting legal disputes, and aligning distribution with your unique objectives.

Global domicile changes

Moving residence to another country necessitates a reevaluation of your legal and tax situation. We assist in seamlessly aligning your assets with new legal frameworks and connect you with external specialists to navigate associated challenges, ensuring a smooth transition during changes in domicile.

Early succession planning

For complex family dynamics and global assets, early succession planning is paramount. With Indian families expanding globally, our services facilitate the establishment of succession plans well in advance, considering diverse family needs, values, and goals.

Asset protection strategies

Wealth planning is not just about accumulation; it's about protection. We implement robust asset protection strategies, consolidating assets under one umbrella to shield them from potential risks such as creditors, lawsuits, and unforeseen financial obligations, ensuring the wealth remains intact for future generations.

Intergenerational legacy planning

Legacy planning extends beyond mere distribution; it's a meticulous process of deciding how assets are bequeathed to loved ones or charitable causes. We guide you through setting up family trusts, considering tax implications, and preserving wealth for multiple generations, aligning with your overarching objectives.

Effective business succession

Transferring businesses to the next generation demands strategic planning. We navigate the complexities, ensuring a seamless transition that upholds the sustainability and growth of the business. Our approach recognizes the nuances of business succession, distinct from personal assets or portfolio investments.

Why wealth planning?

Change of domicile to another country

If you or a family member change your place of residence to another country, this generally results in changes to that person’s legal and tax situation. We can help you align your assets with a new legal framework and put you in touch with excellent external specialists to help you deal with other matters relating to this change.

Get a head start on a succession plan for your wealth

The more complex your circumstances, the earlier you should start making arrangements for passing on your wealth. Considering that Indian families are going global, things can get complicated very quickly when family assets are located in different countries, subject to different conditions, or when individual family members have divergent needs, values and goals.

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Key elements of our wealth planning services

Client-centric approach

We engage closely with families to understand their unique objectives, tailoring our solutions to meet their specific needs. Our client-centric approach ensures that the wealth planning journey is aligned with your aspirations and values.

Legal and tax expert collaboration

Collaborating with legal and tax experts, when necessary, is integral to our services. This ensures the smooth implementation of wealth planning structures, addressing any complexities and regulatory considerations for a comprehensive solution.

Seamless coordination and supervision

Our commitment extends beyond providing solutions; we ensure seamless coordination and supervision throughout the wealth planning process. This comprehensive and unified approach guarantees that every aspect of your wealth planning is executed with precision and care.

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