LGT Advantage Your portfolio is as individual as you

We prioritise enduring partnerships founded on trust and transparency through our innovative approach. Tailored to the distinct needs of each client, our personalised services are designed to evolve alongside them, catering to both present requirements and future aspirations.

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Portfolio management services Expertly managed

At the core of our approach lies a fundamental principle: our clients are our top priority. We dedicate time to understand your objectives, aspirations, and risk preferences comprehensively. Maintaining consistent communication, we ensure that your goals stay aligned and on course.

Through multi-layered research, insights, and analysis, we craft a customized portfolio to ensure a Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) to suit your investment needs. We specialize in crafting meticulously tailored portfolios that match your specific criteria for security, returns, risk tolerance, and cash flow requirements. Each portfolio is uniquely designed to align precisely with your financial objectives and preferences.


Tailored portfolios designed to meet individual client needs, considering objectives, risk tolerance, and preferences.

Active management

A proactive approach involving ongoing monitoring and adjustments to capitalize on market opportunities or align with changing client goals.


Clear visibility into the holdings, performance, and fees associated with the managed accounts, ensuring full understanding for clients.


Spreading investments across various assets and sectors to mitigate risks and optimize returns.

Client-Centric focus

Placing client interests at the forefront, maintaining open communication and providing personalized service and support.

Connect with us

Engage with our experts to craft a portfolio that aligns with your vision. Discover investment strategies that resonate with your aspirations.

Your vision, our expertise Tailored investment approach

Our discretionary solutions offer a personalized investment strategy, meticulously aligned with your financial goals and risk preferences.

Our offering is a spectrum of investment solutions ranging from discretionary to non-discretionary, and bespoke strategies. These services are not mere products but a promise of partnership where your financial goals are the cornerstone of our investment process. 

Our innovative approach ensures personalized services in Portfolio Management, offering unique portfolios with customization, transparency, and a client-centric focus.

Rajesh Cheruvu Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
Rajesh Cheruvu
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