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We are driven by our philosophy of understanding our clients’ profile and their objectives. We don’t approach investment opportunities as products but as solutions which have a meaningful need as well as suitable as per client interests and profile. Discover a personalized approach to investing – where solutions align with your unique profile and aspirations.

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Recognizing the potential of equities, we provide an extensive range of Managed Products, featuring prominent managers within the market. Our goal is to assist clients in seizing market opportunities and realizing their long-term financial goals. We meticulously curate innovative product ideas from boutique managers, offering distinct ideation and portfolio options tailored to meet individual client needs. Additionally, we introduce diverse market-neutral opportunities periodically to enhance clients' diversification strategies. Leveraging both absolute return and long-short portfolio strategies, we aim to support our clients in achieving a well-balanced and resilient investment portfolio.

Fixed income

We provide in-depth expertise across diverse fixed-income sectors and markets, empowering us to help clients achieve their paramount financial objectives. Our suite of actively managed fixed-income solutions covers the yield curve, offering a spectrum of risk/return opportunities. This breadth allows us to cater to a wide range of portfolio objectives, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fulfilling client needs.

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Discover tailored investment strategies and take confident steps towards your financial goals with LGT Wealth India.

Unveiling our distinctive selection criteria

At LGT Wealth India, we delicately balance optimizing returns and managing risks, offering exclusive access to the industry's finest managers. Your financial future is secured through personalized wealth management, where each investment choice is a thoughtful step towards enduring prosperity.

  • Meticulous product selection: Blending science and art.
  • Proprietary methodology: Employed to choose managers and strategies aligned with our standards.
  • Optimization of return per unit of risk: Delicate balance between maximizing returns and managing risk exposure.
  • Distinguished wealth firm: Exclusive access to industry's finest managers, ensuring unparalleled opportunities.
  • Personalized wealth management: Each investment choice thoughtfully securing your financial future.
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