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At LGT Wealth India, our promise is to guide your financial journey with care and attention to detail. Our wealth management strategies are crafted not just with expertise but with a dedication to your personal success. By blending our deep knowledge of the markets and with a clear understanding of your goals, we create a path to prosperity that is both clear and secure. Our commitment is to look after your wealth with the same diligence and foresight as if it were our own, ensuring a legacy that lasts and grows through the years.

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Bauer brothers, Hortus Botanicus, detail from “Cereus cf. alacriportanus Pfeiff.,“ around 1776

Our services Diverse portfolio for optimal growth

Explore our suite of investment products designed for wealth maximization. From traditional assets to innovative alternatives, we provide tailored solutions for discerning investors.

LGT Advantage

Where trust, transparency, and tailored wealth management converge for enduring partnerships and personalized financial success.

Investment products

Explore innovative options tailored to individual needs and periodic market-neutral opportunities for enhanced diversification.

Alternative investment

Exclusive market access - Gain entry to high-potential private market investments traditionally reserved for institutional investors.

Family office

Ensure your family's financial legacy for long-term preservation, succession planning, wealth consolidation, and holistic financial well-being.

Wealth planning

Our focus is on crafting personalized solutions that extend beyond financial security to encompass the preservation of your unique legacy.

International services

Your gateway to international wealth management, offering bespoke services, and access to diverse investments.

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