LGT Wealth India

Our Offerings

Our fresh approach focuses on building lasting partnerships with our clients, developing trust through transparency and maintaining our entrepreneurial spirit.

Investment Products

We are driven by our philosophy of understanding our clients’ profile and their objectives. We don’t approach investment opportunities are products but as solutions which have an meaningful need as well as suitable as per client interests and profile.

Portfolio Management 

Our approach is simple: We offer informed, objective advice based on your aspirations and calibrated against the level of risk you are comfortable with. We create a bespoke portfolio to meet your requirements.

Family Office

LGT Wealth India Family Office proposition is driven with an objective to preserve and grow family wealth for the enjoyment of present and future generations. This focuses on growth of wealth followed by a systematic transfer of wealth for the future generations.

Global Investing

One of the key reasons why offshore investments are gaining traction is due to protection against INR depreciation. Due to higher inflation, India will always have depreciating bias against hard currencies (i.e. Dollar). INR has depreciated at an average of 4.5% p.a. against dollar for the last 45 years. 

Private Markets

Public Equity & Debt Markets have been extremely volatile on account of several standalone events. Traditional asset classes such as public market equity and debt markets have shown an increasing level of correlation at the occurrence of such events.

Alternative Investments

We can help you explore investment opportunities in a wide variety of alternative asset classes including single company and fund based private equity structures, asset backed lending transactions and unlisted hedge funds.

Succession Planning

Nothing lasts forever. But with proper care and planning, you can make some valuable things last well beyond your time — whether it is for your family, or for your business. A proper succession plan, with appropriate account structure and investment nominations amongst other considerations should protect what you have and enable your family to achieve their aspirations.

Estate Planning

Life is uncertain. This is known. But how many of us plan for eventualities or life after one? People put off estate planning because they think they do not own enough, they are not old enough, it will be costly or confusing, they will have plenty of time to do it later, they do not know where to begin or who can help them, or they just do not want to think about it.